Stolen Life

I got off work early because my identity was stolen.


I got a call saying that there were multiple charges from the U.K. from a hotel, the hotel’s gift shop, misc. stores and online purchases. The purchase that flew a red flag for my bank was the hotel. This happened this morning at 7:30 AM. I didn’t have enough money in my account so it was declined when the idiot tried checking out.

Oh I’m SO mad!!! First off, I am in the United States….obviously NOT the U.K. When I was talking to the credit card lady I said I was literally driving to my work at that time..not anywhere near the hotel in U.K. They also bought all this random pointless crap. But I’m sure it was to see if my card would work for them or not.

My hard earned money. My money for food, gas and bills. Gone. I have to go to the bank now and file paperwork to launch an investigation and hopefully find the idiot who did this so I can press charges. Plus get reimbursed for what they charged. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Side note: When I got home my neighbors’s car across the street was getting repo. So that was entertaining to watch as they freaked out and tried getting their car off the truck. That’s the only highlight of my day.


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