Boring Freaking Night

Hey ya’ll

What the?? Since when did I start saying “Y’all”? Weird. 

Anyways, how’s everything going? My day was eh. I of course had work to do so nothing special. I am fighting the urge to shop for LuLaRoe. I seriously need some help with that clothing brand. Have you checked it out yet? No? Well go now! Google it! Tell me what you think. I’m not so gun-ho on the crazy prints though…

What else? I have been sitting in editing mode for a whole hour and a half. I’ve been in a group chat on Facebook, talking to my mom on the phone, and taking care of my dogs. I’ve gotten no where with this post and I know it’s going no where. I am just blabbing on into space.

Someone give me something to talk about! Lol I wish my life was more exciting. I am sorry I have failed you in this boring post. I’m just going to stop now….bye.



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