Sunday Photos

Hello all,

So this week I’ve been wanting to get back into photography because I randomly decided to log into my Flickr account and saw all the amazing photographers out there which in turn made me feel like a. loser.

But of course some of these people live and breathe photography so I can’t really get mad that I’m not as good as them right? Well since I didn’t leave the house yesterday at all, I was only able to take pictures of my soapy car when Chris was giving it a car wash.


Whatcha think??? I know I know, it’s not that good. I can do better trust me. I just am a little rusty at the moment and need to get out more. The one I’m most proud of at the moment is this one:


Eh? Ehhhhhhh? I’m going to toot my own horn here and say that’s pretty good. I love the colors on this sunset. I can’t stop staring at it…like a trance. Of course, every picture looks good when it’s on or near the water right? Right.

Anyways, there’s my quick Sunday post for ya’ll. Have a great day!



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