Boring Night

Hello again,

So today at work I got a new computer! It was awesome actually because the screens are bigger than before and it’s faster and the mouse isn’t broken. Wow that was an extremely boring story. Anyways –

This weekend will be a busy one, my dad is coming into town to help install a new A/C and heater to my house. 

Ok, what the heck?! What is with these boring stories? Help me out here!! 

Sad story, I stopped ipsy. I decided to stop the subscription because I didn’t care after a while and some of the makeup I was getting was boring and/or not my color. PLUS I started buying LuLaRoe clothing. Never heard of it? Well you’re missing out! Google it right now. Some of their stuff is really cute! At first I hated the style and blocked it out of my life. But I came around. Now I pay $25/month and get a free pair of leggings and shirt! It’s awesome and I’m excited for what I’ll get.

Maybe I’ll post what I get? 

Question of the night: what did you have for dinner? I had Taco Bell. It’s not the best but it was cheap.



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