Did I Do Right?

Hey everyone! Remember my dog Missy? (if not see past posts from December) it took us forever to get her. Craziest thing happened on Tuesday. Ready for story time?

Tuesday after work my mom and I are sitting on my front porch just talking and this lady comes up and asks if I got my dog from one of our local shelters. After I replied yes she started crying. She told me that used to be her dog and got her when she was 7 weeks old. 

Being a little skeptical I asked a few questions about Missy and this lady knew every single answer. Right down to Missy’s birthday. 

So I brought the lady around back and it was clear as day Missy knew who this lady was. She was so excited to see her. After a few minutes the lady asked if she could take her back. Back story is we were going to give Missy away because she has been attacking our little dogs. So I said of course. I mean this is the ORIGINAL owner. Weirdest part?? She’s my backyard neighbor who just moved in. 

So of course after I cried and said goodbye to Missy, I sit there wondering if I did the right thing. What are your thoughts? 

She gave missy to our local pound because she was moving and it was the beginning of winter and didn’t want her to get cold. But now she’s in a steady house. 



9 thoughts on “Did I Do Right?

  1. You did do right not only for the original owner but for Missy. It may seem weird but in the long run Missy will thank you for reuniting her with her original owner.


    1. I think so too! Plus Missy has had puppies in the past and the lady said she still goes and visits them since it’s her friend who is raising them so I think when Missy is reunited with her puppies it will be amazing

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