Happy New Year & All That Glitters

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years!

1 question: what the hell is your “New Years Resolution” ?? PLEASE for the love of God tell me. I like knowing people’s resolutions. Really I do, trust me I know how weird that sounds.

Are you really going to keep it? (Ok, lets be honest, we all say that we’re going to keep it, but really….are you?)

I guess if I am asking what yours is, I should tell you what mine is correct? It’s only fair I suppose. Mine is to get back into writing. Yes yes I know you’re sitting there either thinking A) Girlfriend, everybody says that.Get real. or B) You use to write?

Yes. Yes I did..a while ago I think I even posted a link to my very very very old FanFiction. I look back at them and think “oh God..” but then for the age I was when I did write all those pointless Twilight and Ghost Whisperer stories, they were pretty good. Even I found myself going to the next chapter. Anyways, I stopped writing because I got in with the wrong crowd and I didn’t much care to do anything expect bad (sometimes illegal) things. But those days are long gone. I am back on the right path to goodness and success.

I am thinking I’m going to write a short “story” (?) or post to just get back in the groove of things. I’m thinking it will be about my wedding planning, or my life so far, or idk. Please give me some ideas below, I will make sure to put a link to your blog if I choose your idea 😀

Thanks much, happy 2016…dang that’s weird to say…



3 thoughts on “Happy New Year & All That Glitters

  1. Hi! My new years resolutions are to do Yoga/Meditate every second day, eat healthier, get fit (so typical) and build stronger relationships with people. I would love to see a short story or something about your wedding or your life so far. Yeah, that was random but oh well!
    Happy New Year! xx

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    1. Those are awesome goals! Seriously way better than mine…I usually go for the healthier goal every year and last year I really stuck to it until the summer then I gave up lol

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