Blogmas Day 6 – Playlist & Dog Update

Hi All!

So… I went to church, lunch, went shopping a little bit and ended back at home. Sat on my laptop for a bit listening to Adele and deciding to make a playlist of her music. So far I’ve been listening to the really sad songs…like Someone Like You and Hello (brb while I bawl my eyes out)

Went to my mom’s house to look at some old cookbooks from my grandma who passed away a while ago. The best thing about them was they were all hand written. Ya know, that small cursive writing all women did in the 50’s? AND another great thing about them was, on some of the backs, there was little notes written down, or math of bank accounts, or whatever else. It felt like a piece of history. One of my favorite little notes was written to my grandpa that my grandma wrote and it said;

“Went into town with E. – Hazel” (E was one of their good friends…not sure what her full name was. Hazel was my grandma’s name.) It was written so beautifully and it makes me wonder what they “went into town” for. I do miss her so so much 😦

Anyways, some of you were wanting me to post the picture of my house because we got lights up yesterday!! Find that cold and wet story here!!

So here it is: I know it doesn’t look very good but hey, it’s dark out, there’s a huge tree in my front yard that kinda covers the house so what more do you want?


Whatcha think? They look white BUT their all colored lights and in that big window on the left we put a light up snowman. I would go take a new picture but it’s freezing out and I really don’t want to. Sorry.

DOG UPDATE: There’s probably going to be a lot of these. So I woke up this morning still upset that we weren’t getting Missy.  Chris could tell I was still hurting pretty bad and after half the day I could tell he came to the realization that he really wants to adopt Missy too! Every time I would bring it up about how we are going to adopt her and buy her a bunch of toys and give her treats he just agreed with me and smiled. So maybe he’s coming around??? I hope so! I know we could make it work! I am getting my braces off this month so we will be saving $200 a month – could go towards Missy!!

Just want to point out that I will be having “Dog Updates” every single post I make until we either have Missy in the house or she goes to the other couple I mentioned last post. So look for those updates please.



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