Blogmas Day 5 – Christmas Lights!

So we JUST got done put up the Christmas lights! And it’s 8:00 pm…which means it’s pitch dark. Mind you we did start at 6:00 ish?? And even then it was dark. Chris was up on the roof putting the hooks in and then stringing the lights on them. I was down below untangling them and feeding it to him.

I felt bad because it has been raining the past couple days so of course the roof is soaked. Chris comes down from there with his legs and gloves soaking wet and shivering! So he is currently in the shower trying to warm up from that.

DOG UPDATE: We went and looked at Missy today as planned…we decided we wanted to adopt her! But she isn’t spayed yet or micro chipped and the pound likes to do that before they hand the dog over. She is scheduled for next week to get all that done. She was sooooo cute and lovable!! I love her so much! But this comes to a sad ending…..Chris and my mom start talking and decide that having 3 dogs is just too much and what if Missy gets sick and has to go to the vet? That’s going to be a large bill. So now we can’t adopt her 😥 I have been so depressed the whole day thinking about her and how I want to bring her home to us. But she will have to go to this other couple who lives a few hours away  who has lots of land for Missy to run around on. I know it’s for the best but I am very sad about it ya know?

I think I’m going to go make myself a cup of very hot coffee LOL, I’m still very cold myself! My legs are pretty cold and numb.



I just thought this was really funny because it couldn’t be MORE TRUE!!!!!



11 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5 – Christmas Lights!

    1. I KNOW!!! I was soooo sad to type that out. We THINK she’s going to a good home..I mean all we know is that the other couple just has a lot of land for her to run around…who knows how they’ll treat her or if that’s even true ya know?

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