Blogmas Day 3 – New Dog

Hi all!

And who’s not surprised that I didn’t get around to posting yesterday for Blogmas? I knew that would happen.

Anyways, let’s pretend I DID write a new post…things that are going on for me between the 1st and today are

I am debating about buying Adele’s new album on iTunes…started listening to it this morning while I was getting ready for work and I love all the songs…who am I kidding! Of course I love the songs! Adele hasn’t made 1 bad song ever! Should I get the album?

I am trying to convince Chris to let us adopt this German Shepherd that’s at our local pound. The story with her (Missy) is she was abandoned at the shelter over night in a cage..HOW SAD IS THAT! So I want to rescue her and bring her home with us! But he says that she needs to be an outside dog. Which I don’t want her to be because it’s starting to snow and it’s really cold outside. How do I convince him to get her??? She looks so sweet, only 2 years old! Here’s a picture of her: Capture

So cute right?? Well she’s a German Shepherd mix…Looks so friendly from this picture. I am hoping to at least meet her soon and hopefully it will melt Chris’ heart and he will finally be on my side! Muhahaha!!





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