Big ‘ol rant about to happen…

I really don’t even know where to start with this story! It’s all coming to my brain at once bleh!!

Yesterday at work, myself and another clerk was assigned to re-organize the contract library (big room with lots of shelf’s that contain city contract books) These books went all the way back to 1991! Which is WAY to long to have those out…they should’ve been destroyed after 6 years. We were supposed to destroy them BUT one of the engineer’s threw a fit and said that he wanted to keep them for future reference. So we are the ones who have to write down every. single. contract from 1991-2007…WHICH IS A FREAKING LOT! (Between 10-15 contracts per year)

We have to type up the Project numbers & names. We have to box all the contracts up. We have to label them all in order. We have to carry them upstairs (super heavy). We have to put them in this attic looking place that’s filled with spiders and dust. Then this morning the engineer came up to me and said I forgot to go through all the books and make sure they are scanned into the computer system we all use here to look at old contract stuff…I was just annoyed at the engineer that he wanted all this done and he could’ve done it himself.

ANYWAYS (that was a back story) the other clerk that was working with me has only been here for about 3 months total…I have been working here for 4 YEARS! She was double checking everything I was doing, always looking over my shoulder and when she would ask me a question, I would answer it for her, she would just turn around and go ask a higher up employee while they gave her the SAME answer I DID! LIKE WTF LITTLE GIRL?!

I’m not trying to sound snotty towards her but since I’ve been here for 4 years and her 3 months, I think I know a little more about how to do this job than she does. She just always thinks she knows more than me and tries too hard to be “teacher’s pet” to our higher up’s.

I think she could tell I was getting annoyed towards the end of the project because I would give her the cold shoulder, or when she handed me a contract book I would kind of take it out of her hand in a snippy way.

Am I a bad person? How would you feel if you had someone telling you this huge pointless project to do that lasted 2 days, only to tell you you messed up and to go back and do it again AND then to have someone who is “under” you act like they know more about the job than you.



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