Hello…It’s me.

Hi All!

So I have been seeing almost everybody post about the NEW Adele song that was released today…literally less than 24 hours. Everybody is completely freaking out over it, the video on YouTube already has over 10,000,000 views (and counting!)

Watch it. 

It’s amazing and a little sad. I love her songs, their all so personal and hit me right in the soul. What do you think of it??

I’m thinking of pre-ordering her album “25” that comes out on November 20th. But it’s $25 on Amazon…but I will get free 2 day shipping with Prime. See how tempting this is? Anyways, just wanted to jump on the wagon and share this amazing, beautiful video from the wonderful Adele.



3 thoughts on “Hello…It’s me.

    1. I agree. Her voice is just so real. I feel like live she sounds the same as she does on the album when the other singers like Taylor Swift do not sound the same at all live lol

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