I’m in the middle of doing wedding invitations and I need HELP!!!

Ok, I’m not going to post the actual invintation because that has mine & Chris’ info on it, where the wedding is blah blah blah…internet privacy people.

So I will post the RSVP card….it’s just a rough draft, please tell me any changes you would make:


WELL???!!!! I know you’ll say something about the return date (June 20, 2016) The wedding isn’t until August 2016, obviously we won’t send anything out until beginning of next summer.

For those of you who don’t know, the “M___________” part is for the person to put “Mrs. Wedding” or “Mr. Wedding” ya know? Do you get it? Should I take that “M” off??

DO YOU SEE WHY I AM FREAKING OUT!! I have 9 months until the wedding and I have NOTHING done!!

Don’t tell me it’s still a long ways away because I swear I just got engaged and set the date and thought “ehh that’s still 21 months away. I can wait” Well guess what? 13 months just flew by! And all I did was book the photographer, venue, church, DJ, and flowers. I mean I JUST made an appointment at a wedding dress shop for next Saturday.

Please tell me what you think of the RSVP cards, while I run and get a brown paper bag to breathe heavy into….

Ky  Freaked out Bridezilla


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