Big Life Decison

Hi all.

Today I’m going to talk about something very very serious.


Yup. That’s a huge word isn’t it? Well by law, you must be 18 years or older to adopt and 21 years old to foster. In my personal opinion, it really should be the other way around…or have both age limits be 18.

I’ve been seriously considering adoption. I know how big of a step it is, I know the money it will cost. I’ve done all the research on it so I’ve prepared myself. All I have to do next is make the call to DSHS to set up an appointment and start the adoption process. (Actually, to fill out paperwork to see if Chris & I are “fit” to adopt)

I can’t explain why I need this. It is so important to me and will complete my family. Also, the thought of giving a baby a warm home filled with lots of love, food and attention makes me so happy. I am 20 years old (21 in 9 months) who owns a home, (almost) married, great job, money in the bank, lots of support, and a happy life…just one thing missing.

What do you think? Any advice? Any tips? Thoughts?

**PLEASE no disrespecting, rude comments or anything like that…ONLY HAPPY/NICE COMMENTS**



18 thoughts on “Big Life Decison

  1. I think adoption is great! Had Hannah lived we would have eventually adopted (when we got in a better place financially.) I hope that if I end up with someone again she would consider it. The only thing I have to say is really examine your reasons for wanting this. Make sure they are not a reaction to anything else. And make sure you have the support system around you to help. Other than that, good for you and I hope you do!

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      1. Oh… I didn’t know. 😦 but in that case, I would totally try to adopt. For sure. Like I want one of my own but I also want to help a child. But I think it’s so awesome that you’re considering this.

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  2. As you’ve said, this is a big decision, but it sounds like something you really want and you’re in a good place to look after a little boy or girl and they’d be lucky to have you. I may not know you personally, but you seem really mature and responsible and adoption is a wonderful thing!

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  3. Do it. I am adopted and I have had the most wonderful life.

    I’m 31 now and my biological mother was 14 when she had me so was unable to keep me. so my mum and dad came to hong kong from England to get me as mum was unable to have any children like yourself.

    I know people around the world are having children, I’m currently pregnant too, but I can honestly say that, I know I am more loved then most kids. The reason is, because the length that my mum and dad went to to have me in their life is what love is.

    My mum recited this poem to me when I was child and I hope it resounds with you:

    Not flesh of my flesh
    Nor bone of my bone,
    But still miraculously my own.
    Never forget for a single minute,
    You didn’t grow under my heart,
    But in it.

    I am grateful everyday for the amazing life I have. Good luck and I wish you lots of love in your

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