I’m currently using my data in my own home because Charter decided they couldn’t come hook me up with wifi until TOMORROW!!!! I’ve been in this house for 6 days and no wifi. No TV. No nothin. 

Why oh why Charter would you do this to me. On another note: we are half way done with the kitchen!! The counter top just dried and is okay to set things on now. Next is the cabinets. 

  As you can see from this poorly taken picture, we still have a lot to go. We finished the counter, put up 1 freaking piece of the backsplash and took off half the cabinet faces 😑
Don’t bother the random couch….I sold that and just waiting for someone to come pick it up! 

I would’ve taken a better picture but I’m comfy in my chair….and I think Cooper is too 😉 

 I have about an hour and a half until Chris gets home…..what to do. Sit and stare at the wall? Use up more data? Play on the ps4? So many boring options. 



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