I’m An Official Home-Owner!!!

You guys haven’t heard from me in a really long time….that’s because I’ve been pretty busy with being sick…yup, still sick over here!! It’s a really bad cold. I’ve moved onto the coughing stage of it. I’m slowly coming out of the woods, I know I’ll get there!!

Second reason why you haven’t heard from me is because I’ve also been busy with buying a house. Guess what? At 9:00 this morning, I became a home-owner!!!! WHOOO!!!!! Finally!

All that money spent, all the time waiting, all the signatures I just had to sign. And I made it! So I’m at work right now for half a day and then leaving to go start working on the updates.

Yes, we are already updating and improving some things. I mean the house was “built” there in 1944!!! So I meanΒ some things are still original…like the kitchen, and the doorknobs, and the bathroom floor. (I’ll take before & after pictures)

Now, you are probably about to comment, “What do you mean it was “built”? Why are there quotes around that?” That’s a great question! But I can’t answer it…

It goes back; waaaaaaay back to the 1940’s where I live. I don’t want to give away any personal info but I’ll just say this; atomic bomb. Bunch of people were gathered in a camp and built hundreds of these houses for the worker’s on the atomic bomb…2-3 houses were loaded up on this truck at a time and they were dropped in place. The plan was to build and test the atomic bomb in my town and eventually blow everybody’s houses up as a test site. BUT that didn’t happen because a TON of people ended up moving to this town and staying…so they changed plans.

So since they were planning on blowing everything up in the end, a lot of stuff on these houses were half-assed. I probably gave away my destination….crap. If you figure it out, please don’t comment where…keep it to yourself. Β I just think it’s really cool history.

DON’T COME AND KILL ME!!! I trust you all.

I really hope you aren’t picturing a really run-down & crappy house because it’s not. It has come a long way with updates and looks almost brand new.

I have a long day ahead of me so I’m gonna get going.


P.S. This morning (8:00 AM) I went to McDonald’s for breakfast and I got a large soda (so healthy right?) JUST so I could get a Seahawks cup……dedication right there.


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