This is my post – my “I Owe You” post. I haven’t posted in a while (go figure right?) anyways, I have been really sick. 

Yet here I am at work. But I’m drinking ice water because it feels really good on my throat. I can’t talk because it hurts too much, can’t eat because it hurts to much. And my insides feel like their rotting!! (Wow that’s really gross) I’m suppose to be going to dinner with family tonight but if I do go, I don’t even care what I look like. 

Also, my puppy, Cooper. Remember him?  

 When I first posted about him was way way back. Anyways, his left eye is full of blood. He was playing too hard with our other puppy and we think she swiped him too hard. So he’s blind right now until the blood drains out. So I’ve been taking care of him while taking care of myself. AH!! I’m so tired. When will I ever get a break???

Please send me positive thoughts..šŸ˜·



10 thoughts on “IOU

  1. Aw, I hope you and Cooper feel better soon! And I’m sure your family wouldn’t mind if you stayed in to rest, don’t exhaust yourself too much or it’ll take longer for you to get better and there’ll be lots more opportunities in the future to go out if you’re not feeling up to it tonight. Get well soon!

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