Hello all,

So recently I have seen a lot of people talk about how they are writing their blog posts on their phone in the WordPress app.

I don’t have that…I have been using my computer the whole entire time. No let me back up…I didn’t even KNOW there was a WordPress app!! GOD I’VE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK.

Is it a good app? Does it actually work? Pros? Cons? Give me the details people! I need to know if I need this app in my life 😀


P.S. My ipsy bag came in the mail the other day and I have yet to throw up my’s still in the works. I will try and get it up there tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Mobile

  1. I happen to love the app. I use it more than I use the computer. I have an iPhone though, so that may make a difference in people’s opinions. I think it works great, sometimes a little slow to show notifications but I’ve noticed it does that on the computer as well.

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  2. I love using the app!! It’s just like texting, when you make posts, and you can use emojis!!! 😀😅😉😍

    It doesn’t work without Internet (duhh) but if I’m out in the world and see something I want to take a pic of for my blog, it’s easier to whip out my phone and transfer it straight from my camera roll than from a camera to a computer.

    Also, I’m currently in school, so I can write a post out in class (naughty!) in my Notes, because I don’t have free Internet on my phone, and then when I get home I can copy and paste then post straight away!! 👍🏽

    It’s also great for notifications! It pings you as soon as you get one so you don’t miss out on anything important!

    Hope this helped!! 😊😅

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    1. This helped out a lot!! Thanks soooo much! And your right, you CAN use emojis, because right now (I’m on the computer) I can’t see any emojis that you used in this comment :’D Such good ideas that I never thought of while using the app. Thanks!

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