QOTD Challenge #1

*QOTD = Quote of the Day*

I was nominated by the lovely, wonderful, talented Anxious Teen to do the “Quote of the Day” challenge. I’m not sure how long you are suppose to do it for, but I’ve seen it bounce around on other bloggers and it seems it’s for 3 days…so that’s what I’ll do.

For my first quote, I will be taking from the Wizard of Oz….because if you’ve been sticking around my blog for a while (I thank you and give you hugs) you know that I LOVE Wizard of Oz…(quick fun fact, the original dress that Judy Garland wore for the movie is going on SALE!! In New York!! For $1 million……too bad I can’t get that) I could go on and on about that movie but I won’t because this is a quote challenge.

wizard of oz shoesI like this one because I love the ruby red slippers. But also because we really need to realize that everything we all are looking for is right in front of us. We don’t need to go way across the world to find it. Just look around.

There’s seriously so many other quotes I could put here but just 1 they say! Maybe I’ll make the other 2 days Wizard of Oz themed? Or should I just do other ones? Decisions decisons…

Well I’m off to a BBQ for lunch!! Time to stuff my face.


P.S. I just got out of my interview like an hour ago!! It went well…there was a group of us in the court room and they called us one by one into this little room for a mini interview and they asked 2 questions and that was it. Next week I’ll find out if I get to advance into the next phase of the interview which is testing (computer skills, phone skills etc…) then if I pass that then I get a formal interview. Then that’s where they decide who gets the job…please send good thoughts my way and hope I get passed onto the next 2 phases 😀

As always, please comment, like, and send me an e-mail at misskysworld@yahoo.com and let’s be friends! 😀 


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