Busy Like a Bee….What?


Sorry for the couple day MIA. (that rhymes lol) I was busy with my sisters wedding! AND the fair was in town so I had to go to that of course.

So last you heard from me, I was thinking of going to get married with Chris and elope. I think we are still passing that back and forth, but after going to my sisters wedding, I am leaning more towards waiting until next year as planned and to the traditional way.

But then I go back and say “I don’t know what to do!!” I am on the fence and need help being pulled one way or the other.

I got my nails done also and all I wanted was white tips. Now my nails are short at the moment since I didn’t get a chance to grow them out. So the lady kept telling me how my nails were too short (While she was filing my SKIN!) Then she would start talking in Chinese and it was obvious it was about me.

Sometimes I want to turn to the person I came with and start talking about them and once they look at me I will say, “Oh I’m sorry…you were talking shit about me in your own language so I figured it was okay to talk shit about you in mine” GOD!! (Sorry, I love all people but when your obviously talking shit about someone in another language then that just pisses me off…have some respect)

What else? OH! I made a e-mail for this blog. I am thinking about doing some interviews on here to get people out there and help them out…whatcha think? If your interested, or just want to talk my e-mail is now misskysworld@yahoo.com

I can’t wait to hear from you all!

That’s pretty much my only update as of right now..I went and bought the book “Dorothy Must Die”


I am IN LOVE with the Wizard of Oz, so I’ve been wanting to read this series for a whie and it was only $9.99 so of course I got it. As anybody else read it? I can’t wait!! Also, if you HAVE read this series…could you tell me what the order of the books are…there’s so many so I feel like I’m in the dark. I figured this was the first one.



7 thoughts on “Busy Like a Bee….What?

    1. Haha I was thinking that too (oh I mean TWOO! 😉 ) I think it’s going to be very “dark” from what I get from it, Dorothy returns to Oz and is evil so another girl comes and tries killing her

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow!…………. I have a friend who would LOVE THAT! me, not so much. I’ll probably get nightmares… I get nightmares from goosebumps! (do you remember/know those?)


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