I’m Going to Elope?


So something has come to my attention today. Chris wants to get married now instead of waiting until next year. The only reason we are waiting until next August is so that I can drink at my own wedding. Well now why go and hold off on the actual marriage part??

Why don’t we just go elope! I looked up the definition of ‘Elope’ and it doesn’t fit us…we are both over age (I’m 20 & he’s 22) and we wouldn’t be “running away” just us. We would bring our close family! So does it still count as going to elope? Because this doesn’t really count as a official wedding because we would just go and do it. No planning. No forking out $5,000+

BUT, we would still keep the wedding reception for next year. As a party for more than close family members.


I don’t see anything wrong with it. I just want to marry Chris already!! The only thing holding me back is that of course I want the church looking and walking down the aisle and all that jazz. But the church is at least $2,500! So we would save money on that.

My parents are fine with it….we are fine with it…why wait? Why fork out money when we could save it?

You see my problem here? Back & forth. Back & forth.


21 thoughts on “I’m Going to Elope?

  1. You should do what you want to do! If your parents are happy, Chris is happy, YOU’RE happy, then go for it!

    Like you said, it’s not really eloping so there shouldn’t be a problem… As long as your sure. πŸ™‚

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      1. It’s weird because your only, what, 7 years older than me? And your getting married and buying a house while I’m still in school figuring out x! Lol but I am happy for you!

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      2. Trust me, literally a year ago I didn’t even think that I would be buying my first house and getting married. I didn’t plan it all, it just happened πŸ™‚


  2. As long as you and Chris are happy, why not? And bonus: your parents would be happy with it. Also, the money you save can go into things such as decorating your new home. I suppose it depends on what you would rather spend the money on and what kind of wedding you would really prefer.

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  3. There’s no reason why you couldn’t do a civil ceremony or a small private ceremony now if that’s what the two of you actually want. You can always have another bash later on.

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