Not Getting My Hopes Up

There is another house. Chris and I went to look at it last night, we loved it, put an offer on it and now just waiting to hear back from the seller.

Chris is really excited and is already planning stuff to do with the house but I’m just sitting here in the corner waiting. Not getting my hopes up. If you have been following my house hunting process, then you know pretty well that we’ve had the worst of luck with trying to buy a house. So I’m not getting my hopes up with this one. I will be happy and celebrate and plan once we get a “yes”.

If you haven’t bought a house yet, BE THANKFUL!!! It’s not as easy as it looks! I swear, when I was younger I looked around and thought, geez everybody has a house. I can’t wait until I get mine and live in  a 2 story with 4 bedrooms and have it look really nice and updated.


That’s not how it works turns out. It’s such a long process AND stressful! You can’t just walk into a nice new home. You probably have to start with a crappy fixer-upper house and work your way up.

I wish I had more to tell you. To write about but I don’t at this time. Maybe later today or tomorrow 🙂



8 thoughts on “Not Getting My Hopes Up

  1. You’re so right to not get your hopes up! Buying a house is definitely a stressful process. I hope you get the house you want! Even if it’s a fixer upper, you can do some really cute things to it 🙂


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