Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder what you’re suppose to do with your life?

Of course you do!

Or how about what you’ll be doing in 2 months? You could possibly be on vacation, starting a new job, going through tough times..anything! In 2 months, I’ll be moving out of my apartment…but who knows where I’ll be moving to…?

What do you think you’ll be doing?


10 thoughts on “Ever Wonder?

  1. in about 2 months time I should be finished with the courses I need so I will have a diploma in hand, and picking out courses for my Bachelors degree. I will have just had or just be going to have my gastric sleeve surgery. Which I am ultra mega excited about and hopefully I will be a lot healthier than I am now, because being poor sick nd having two kiddos makes for a very boring mommy

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