This is another of those rare posts where I’m just totally defeated. Giving up. Raising my white flag.

Here’s why:

I have been harassed at work. People have been talking crap about me behind closed doors, and I just happen to hear them. My job is a job that I have while I go to college. So when I’m done with college, then I have to quit this job and move on. So, co-workers are just saying that I have no say in things and I just take on the work that they don’t feel like doing. I went to my boss and she wasn’t happy about it at all. So there’s going to be a meeting here by the end of the week about harassment and how it’s wrong etc…but then she was mad that I didn’t come to her sooner, true I should’ve but come on! I came when I was comfortable. So that kind of backfired in my face…we’ll see how the meeting goes I guess.

My apartment manager called me and said that I paid the pet fee for my puppy but didn’t fill out the paper work. I said OK no problem. I filled it out and told them I only have 1 dog…I have 2. But can you blame me?! The pet fee is $300 each freaking pet!!!! I’m not paying no $600. Fuck that. So now I’m just a little worried that they will find out that I have 2? I only have 2 more months on my lease then I’m out! So my plan is to just hide the other dog. Should be easy. If they come back on me and say I have 2 dogs I will just fight back and say “No!” I mean, they have to have proof!

I know these don’t seem like that big of deal….but it’s just really tiring. Especially with this apartment. They are taking ALL of my money with all these fee’s and whatever else they can get out of me.

On the bright side, only 2 days until I chop my hair off. That’s really the only thing I have to look forward too.



4 thoughts on “D.o.n.e

  1. No worries! If they find out, just say your dog sitting. Its only two months right? So hopefully that would be fine. Also, people are going to talk no matter what you are doing. Its difficult to deal with, but it will get easier with time and the less you care.


    1. I wish I could tell them I’m dog sitting! I actually said that they were my moms dogs and I watch them while she goes on business trips and they said that I still had to pay the pet fee because the animal is still in the apartment. A bunch of crap if you ask me!

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  2. Life is just hard sometimes. I don’t blame you for telling them you only have one dog. Like you said, people will do anything to get a lot of money out of you nowdays and it sucks. :/ But I did nominate you for the Liebster Award so check that out if you want to! 🙂

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