Goodbye Pot House & $75

I know I haven’t posted in a day or two, but it feels like it’s been a week.

Nothing has changed with me, I just feel like I’ve been running around in circles! Where did I leave off on my last post exactly?

We still have NOT found a house. The Pot Growing house I told you about..the shed! That’s right, I told you I would let you know about the shed and why is was locked. Well I already had a feeling but the seller told us that if we must look in the shed, he prefers that we be escorted by him. Long story short, there’s about 6-7 pot plants growing in there. Then the neighbor came out and told us all the problems the house was having so we figured it’s best to just walk away.


We all remember when Red Foreman got high in the basement right? lol that was a funny episode.

I really want to go to those peoples house and knock on their door, hand them a big bin full of stuff and just say


OK I’m sorry…I’m in the middle of watching That 70’s Show on Netflix. I just want to say, I am not against smoking pot! If you do that, then that’s cool. I have smoked it multiple times so I’m not judging! I just think these memes are funny.

Yesterday, I received a note on my front door from UPS saying that I had a package come in, but they left it at the front office for me. So I took the slip and went down there to get it, to find out that the apartment manager has no record of receiving it.

SO I had to call 2 times, and ended up talking to some lady on the live chat as to what to do next. I went back down to the apartment manager and said that it has to be here because they told me YOU signed for it. Long story short, the manager wrote the wrong apartment number on the box when she received it.

That all took up about 1 hour. THEN Chris came home and wanted to go out to a fancy dinner. So we did ($75 later!!!!) Then by the time we got home it was around 9:00 and I just wanted to read and go to bed.

So that’s why I didn’t post. I’m sorry! Forgive me! I have also been slacking in the TTTS project BUT have no fear! I have until Sunday to post about that. This week’s topic is about Youtube..which I JUST posted about, so can I link that post? I think I will because there’s really no point in re-writing it all…So click here to read that little number.

Today I have a orthodontist appointment at 4:00…not sure what their doing there. (I’ve told you all that I have braces right?!)



3 thoughts on “Goodbye Pot House & $75

  1. I am even happier now that the drug lord house fell threw! Thats so messed up that they were asking you to take care of half the closing costs when they could probably make that in a week selling there shed goodies LOL

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