Weekend Drugs

So this weekend…felt like a long weekend to me! Did it to you? So I didn’t post at all this weekend *tear* I mean it was odd! Even Chris was like, “have you posted at all yet?” & he never asks me! So here’s a catch up to my…weird….weekend.


I went to go look at another house. It’s a cute little starter house. Just 1 major downfall.

We started out by walking in (obviously) and you could instantly smell weed. “OK” I said, “I’ll look past that small because it can be fixed” I walked into the kitchen and the first cabinet I opened, BAM! There was a pipe with a bunch of weed bagged, tin foiled and just laying there. “OK” I said, “well….that’s weird. The least they could’ve done is hide it better”

We look at the rest of the house and I walk out to the back. There’s 2 sheds. 1 is COMPLETELY locked. I’m talking 4-5 different locks on it, with 2 A/C units inside. So I’m not sure if that’s for meth or what. But Then the other shed doesn’t even have a door! Just a curtain covering a small hole..so not sure the point of that was.

We followed this little trail to the back of the locked shed and low & behold 3 pot plants. YUP! 3 of them, just growing there. So that’s when I was like “OK what the hell!”

We are going back to look at the house again today at 4:00 to see what’s in that shed, since we have a right to. I’ll let you know what’s inside there.


My dad came into town and so we hung out for the day and he ended up staying the night at my apartment on the couch. I mean that’s about it. Nothing too special happened that day.


My dad and I went to breakfast and we had crappy service so we made a mess with some coffee on the table before we left…sorry chick but maybe you shouldn’t have kept walking by us when we needed you and focusing all your attention on your boyfriend. Don’t mess with us.

So that’s about it! My weekend. What did you do? Hopefully not run into a little drug house like I did!



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