I Have Oniomania

It’s a serious disease. I have come to admit it and be okay with it. I know that I can move forward with my life and be able to not have this ruin things for me.


It’s a shopping disorder!!!! lol, had you going there for a minute didn’t I? No but seriosuly, I do have a shopping problem. I just bought 4 (almost 5) things online. PLUS I have things coming in the mail. PLUS I am planning on going to the mall today or tomorrow.

I just wanted you all to know that.

On another note, if you remember from yesterday (if not, catch up here), Chris and I put an offer on a house yesterday and I was freaking out because I hadn’t heard anything yet from our realtor if the seller accepted or declined. Well, at around 8:00 we got word that the lady semi-declined. She gave us a counter offer and said that we pay full price + half of closing costs (over $2,000) and take the home “as-is” with NO home warranty. 

I’m sorry but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? That is the worst counter offer I’ve ever heard of! That carpet needs to be replaced and the walls need to be re-painted/scrubbed.

We came back with a big fat NO and revamped our offer. Now it’s full price, seller pays closing costs AND replaces carpet. We figured that we can just scrub and re-paint the walls ourselves.

If the seller says no….then we’re walking away. Which I don’t want to do, but there’s no way that I’m replacing the carpet myself, pay full price AND half of closing costs. Crazy seller.



13 thoughts on “I Have Oniomania

  1. Be so careful when washing walls! It can leave bad streaks behind (learned my lesson) that will show even after you paint over it! So get good paint, and a good primer LOL


      1. I honestly wouldn’t even wash them at all! My boyfriend is a painter so I know all the ins, and outs. Just got a really good primer, and really good paint, and you should be more then fine! If there’s any holes, or anything like that that needs to be fixed you compound, and sand it before you prime, and paint. It should all look brand new again after that =)

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      2. You are so welcome! Let me know how it goes my darling! If you have any questions along the way let me know!! Did they accept your counter offer by the way? I hope they did goodluck darling!

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      3. Last we have heard was that the seller was “crunching numbers” so we will find out hopefully later this afternoon! I’ll make sure to post about it.

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  2. I have a shopping addiction too! Sometimes I buy 4 or 5 items online! It’s fun getting little presents in the mail 🙂 I hear ya about the carpet and the walls. Usually they should lower the price if it’s a fixer upper. You’re right, at least it’s something you can do yourself 🙂

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  3. Ha I also terribly suffer from a shopping addiction! Yesterday I bought 5 different sandals online – couldn’t control myself 🙂 love your blog!! Xx Nathalie from The Fashion Veggie

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