How Do I Stay Cool?

So yesterday was my 20th birthday as most of you know (thank you for all the birthday wishes! It really meant so much that you all did that)

Anyways, Chris and I put in an offer on a townhome. I’m really excited about this because it’s so beautiful and up to date and well put together. I’m really hoping that it works out great. So here’s my problem…

I. Hate. Waiting. We put the offer in yesterday around 2:30 PM…it is now the next day at 11:00 AM..why is it taking so long?? How can I get my mind off this? I’m really trying not to get my hopes up because of what happened with the last house. I don’t think I wrote about it..maybe I did? In case I didn’t, long story short, we put an offer on this house that was on the market for a while and within hours someone else put in an offer and the seller accepted their instead of ours…go figure.

I already texted my realtor just saying “thanks for writing up the contact etc..” just a quick text showing that I’m still here and to tell me if something happens ASAP

*nervous creepy laugh* office

I might wait until about 6 or 7 to text her again if I haven’t heard anything….


11 thoughts on “How Do I Stay Cool?

      1. At first I was but really what’s my text going to do ya know? I’m pretty sure if she did hear something from the seller she wouldn’t keep it a secret from me. So I think I’ve decided to just let it be and wait.

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