So, I went to the mall today with Chris to do some shopping around for some new shoes and clothes. Well Chris and I went to Payless and got him some new flip flops, 153338_6_1400x1400 and I got some cute new coral colored ones. (of course on the left) they are so comfy!! and easy to slip on. Plus since their having their “back to school” sale, they were only $11! Good price if you ask me.

I then strolled past Claire’s and said that I needed some diamond studs for earrings since I lost mine. I was looking at my earrings I had now in the mirror and thought ‘I wonder what it would be like with my 3rd piercing’ (I forgot to mention that I already have my first and 2nd piercings)

The lady walks up to us and asks if I have any questions or need help looking for anything. I of course just blurt out “I’m thinking of getting my 3rd piercing” she says ok! and takes me over to the station and next thing I know I’m sitting in a chair and she’s counting 1..2..3 click! Their in. No going back now!

But I like them. I’m glad I did it.



4 thoughts on “Piercings

    1. You should! At first I was thinking “is 3 too much? will people look at me as the girl with too many piercing?” but they won’t! I’ve actually gotten compliments on them and 3 is perfect amount 🙂

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