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So I went to the bookstore yesterday. One that’s insanely huge full of different books. Well it has a variety of new and used books…mostly used. But not so used that it looks like you just pulled it out of the garbage. They are in good condition.

So! Each of these books were under $5. Total it came out to about $12.98, a good price I think.
Book 1

Her’s For the Weekend is about a girl who ‘hires’ a guy (her best friend) to be her boyfriend for the weekend so her parents think she’s not alone. He secrectly loves her and his plan is to make her actually fall in love with him (within 2 days) and so they can be together. I’m assuming by the end of the book, they really do end up together.

Book 2

Bad Girls Don’t Die is about 2 sisters. The littlest one is completely in love with this old doll. Eventually the older sister notices creeks and odd things happening around the house. She starts to notice that her little sister is also changing…in the wrong way. The little sister gets possessed by the doll and tries attacking the older sister & house.

Book 3

Remember When is about this lady who owns an antique gift shop and has changed her name and identity. Her father use to be a very well known con man who was killed and left behind a lot of problems for his daughter to face. Her long lost uncle shows up in her shop and warns her basically that bad things are about to happen to her because of her father. When he leaves the shop, he gets run over by a car so the lady has no way of getting help or asking what the uncle meant. She is on her own to find out who is trying to kill her and why.

So that’s it! My mini book haul. It’s a stray away from what I normally read (YA books) so it’ll be nice to try something different.

Are there any books out there that you think I should take a look at? I’m dying to expand my bookshelf.



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