New Book!

Hey All,

So I just got back from the bookstore, couldn’t buy all the books I wanted to because i sadly have no money! *insert crying face here* oh….didn’t mean to cry in front of you…let’s move on shall we?

Because You'll Never Meet MeBecause You’ll Never Meet Me is a book about 2 boys who have terrible problems. Ollie is allergic to electricity, it gives him seizures. Moritz is only living on a heart pacemaker…which is obviously electronic. So they write letters to each other back and forth and tell each other everything. Knowing they’ll never meet in real life so they know they can trust each other. Ollie has lost his best friend, Liz, to high school and the ‘normal’ life. Moritz tries to deal with a bully.

I’m very interested to read this and see how it turns out. It seems really good but the reviews on Goodreads isn’t so great….it’s one of those times where I have to judge for myself. Which I rarely do by the way.  If I read bad reviews about a book (or any product) I just keep walking and don’t bother with that book. BUT I’ll give this a try 🙂

Besides that, nothing new is going on, I am still recovering from my longboarding accident. My knee is still really scraped up and my chest is still scraped also. But healing.

might do a book review on this..depends on if you actually want me to. I have a huge TBR list…


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