Sliding On Asphalt

This weekend..was.the.worst.

So you know how I’ve been longboarding right? I posted about it a while ago I think…Well guess what!! I CRASHED!

Big time.

Here’s the story: I was longboarding with Chris and his best friend, Ryan. We were in this neighborhood just going along, enjoying the day. We came to this hill and the guys went down it and I didn’t want to be left behind so I also went down it. Now at first glance, this wasn’t a big hill. It was more of a slant really. Anyways, I started going down it and getting speed wobbles. (Google what that means, not sure how to explain that one) I got scared but figured I could just ride it out the rest of the way and be fine. Well I got to the bottom and decided to get off, so it get off a longboard you have to “run” off it. So I did….big mistake. I was going to fast to be able to run off the board and be fine. My legs couldn’t keep up with myself and I ended up falling.

First my knee hit, then my hands (I tried catching myself..didn’t work), then my chest, then my chin. I can’t really fill in the blanks here because I blacked out and don’t remember what happened. The only thing I can remember is thinking “I hope my lips don’t get caught in my braces (they didn’t!) and then laying on my back and looking over at my phone across the road and thinking “I’m so glad I put my Lifeproof case on”

Next thing I know, Chris is putting me in grass and taking his shirt off to help the bleeding from my knee/chest. To get the infection out, I had to put Hydrogen Peroxide on the cuts and let me tell you….that hurt like a bitch.

I’ve never screamed or cried that hard in my life that day.

So that’s it! That was my weekend basically. Now I’m still in pain, I wish you could see my chest, it’s the worst right now. Then my knee, then my chin. Oddly enough, my hands didn’t get scrapped at all, just a tiny little cut on my left hand.

Oh ya, and my ribs on the left side are bruised pretty bad.

Wish me a speedy recovery!


P.S. Oh ya, did I mention that I went longboarding the next day at the park? I was pretty slow as you can imagine since I was scared.


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