Children’s Books & Possible Medical School?

I’m almost off work! Only 2 more hours and I am excited. I’m off to go get a big tote full of children’s books. Filled with Dr. Sesus books and The Golden Books. If you remember anything about your childhood and reading, I’m pretty sure you had at least 2 each of these books.

Wait, why am I so excited to get these books? I don’t even have any kids! Well I’m so obsessed with reading (my mom would read to me every night and then it came to the point I would “read” to myself my baby books until I actually learned to that’s how my obsession started) anyways! I’m so obsessed with reading that I want the same for my future children. I want a full little bookshelf when their born. Reading to me is so important and such a great thing.

Ok enough with the sappy stuff.

I’ve been really considering going to medical school to become a doctor. That’s such a huge decision and it seems people I talk to about it aren’t supportive and say it’s not worth it because it’s too much money. Which is true. BUT think of the outcome! So much money to be made and so many lives to save. I’m thinking positive about this and won’t give up on it until I’ve made the decision to go with it or not. What do you think I should do??

I think at the end of all my posts I will start putting what song I’m listing to as I’m writing it. So here’s the first one:

Currently listening to: Practice by Drake

Don’t get mad if I forget next time or the time after that. Because most likely I will.

See ya!



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