That Mistake

So I have been thinking lately about the past in my life and what it was like. I’ll admit, it was a blast! Parties every weekend, hanging out with friends every day, laughing the night away and deciding to go get Taco Bell at 1:00 AM then change our minds to McDonalds. I miss those days. Now I’m just a person who goes to work, goes home and stays home. I’m sorry but I wish I was still in that part of my life of the parties and friends. What even happened to all my friends? Where did they go? It’s just Chris and I now. With only 3-4 friends. I don’t know, maybe that’s for the best. You find out who your real friends are that way right?

Anyways, talking about my party days was not the whole point of this post. I want to share with you something personal. But I can’t! I can’t take that risk of someone I know watching my blog. If anybody else found out what I did 3 years ago…I’d be looked at and judged so differently. I wish I could go back in time and change my blog name. Change the fact that I posted on my Facebook to come check out my blog. That was a mistake.

Maybe I’ll do some editing and delete that first post, or just edit it. Maybe I should go by a different name on here? No. I won’t do that. You all know me as Ky so it’ll stay that way. I’ll go edit my Facebook and delete that status of my blog. There’s so much on here that I want to talk about but can’t 😦 It’s a real struggle.

#thestruggleisreal <— ok sorry but I couldn’t help but put that in there after that last sentence.

I think this was my first “sad” post. I don’t like it!! I like posting happy things. But this is the place to come and get everything out on the table when I’m feeling down. These sad posts are going to be very rare just letting you know now. Hope that’s ok 🙂

See ya!


P.S. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and OH MY GOD!!! It’s so amazing! I’m only on Season 1 episode 4 though, not too far into it yet so nothing has really happened much but it’s so good. Love it. (See I’m back to my old happy-posting self!)


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