Loving Tan

Hey all!

So I did it! I ran home after work, picked up my Loving Tan product and raced to the apartment to put it on ASAP!!

Here are the Before & After results:

Before and After

Well? What do you think? I love it! The only bad part I didn’t like was that I had to wait so long to wash off the top coat 😦 (8 hours) BUT I think it was worth it in the end. So here’s my “review”

Loving Tan packaging wasn’t too great, it just looked like my grandmother could of done better. It was just kind of thrown into a cardboard box and some random pieces of paper to fill it. When you squirt the mousse onto the mitt, it comes out as a really chocolate brown. You have to immediately rub it all in in one spot. If you are working on the top of your arm and you start to go underneath then forget about it until the next pump onto the mitt, you have left yourself with a really bad streak and outline. BUT have no fear! you can always just go over it with the next pump of mousse OR just buff it out with the palm of your hand in the mitt.

I really LOVE how the tan came out. My fiance came up the stairs and said at a glace he didn’t even recognize me! I’m getting nice comments from everybody. I think it was well worth the money.

You do have to moisturize everyday, so I went and bought Niva Express Hydration. You can get it any drugstore around.

Like stated in my previous post, I bought the Ultra Dark package for only $44.95. Good price for this great of quality of fake tan. I myself was doubting it at first even though it was right in front of my eyes! Try it for yourself and you be the judge, but I think you’re going to like it just like I did 🙂

See ya!



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