Coming Soon……..Fake Tan!

Hey all!

I am pale. Pale as a ghost. Ok not that pale, I’ve been in the room with someone who was paler than me (once in a lifetime thing) Anyway! I was sitting at work stuffing envelopes with my co-worker and noticed she looks really tan today. So I just straight up told her the truth and said, “You look tan today! That must have took forever to get” She laughed and replied, “Actually it’s a fake tan. I started using this stuff called Loving Tan”

Loving Tan ahhhh the beauty of it! I jumped online as soon as I got home and looked up this “amazing” fake tan product.

Oh. My. God. Amazing isn’t even the word for this stuff!! I can’t even think of a word for it, that’s how good it is!! Well of course I ordered it. I looked at the Before and After pictures (of course, I’m not going to go into this blind) my co-worker was already a bit tan naturally, she mentioned she got the mousse in “Dark”. It looked really well on her I must say.

I looked at before and after pictures on the “Ultra Dark” and it really is basically for people like me. Pale. So pale that when the sun hits you, a light beam bounces off onto another window and then that beam bounces off something else etc etc..

I decided to go with the Ultra Dark Package. If you get the Ultra Dark by itself then it’s $39.95. If you get the package, which just adds the tanning mitt, it’s an extra $5…so $44.95. I figured it was worth the extra $5.

Now before I ordered this, I did some looking around and research of my own and I found that this store, is based in Australia, so to have it shipped to the U.S. is an extra $20. I figured GEEZ!! But ok, I think it’d be worth it.

Preparing myself for over a $50 purchase for just a medium bottle, I clicked on the “Checkout” button and for some reason, which I’m not going to question!! I got FREE shipping! I was very happy. Don’t know what I did, don’t know how I did it, but I did. So I got this package bought, and shipped to me (in first class mail) for only $44.95.

AND it’ll be here today! When it wasn’t suppose to get here until sometime next week. How awesome is that luck? There’s a part of me that thinks something fishy is going on, but I’ll let future Ky handle that.

So question! I have to moisturize everyday to make the tan last, what should I use? I have some Aveeno moisturizer but it’s in that calm and relax bottle so I’m not sure if I should use that. What do you use?

I’ll be sure to post before and after pictures tomorrow (along with a review)

See ya!



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