Covergirl BB Cream – Big Pink Bin Review

Hello all!

So as promised, here is a review of something in the big pink bin under my sink.

I just recently bought this BB cream from Covergirl. And all I have to say is ummmm…..

2 out of 5 stars. Maybe. 1.5 out of 5? It’s back and forth. Let’s explain why shall we?

1st off, it’s SPF 21 so that in my opinion kind of takes over the “foundation” idea. I expected this BB cream to transform my face! Instead it felt like I smeared sunscreen all over my face and left it shiny. No color difference, not even the slightest hint, and didn’t make my skin look smooth in any way.

Maybe I need to add more onto my face? Not sure because if that doesn’t work then I just basically have a tube of sunscreen laying around.

I most likely won’t buy this again…any suggestions on really awesome BB creams that aren’t just straight up sunscreen? I might need to do more research on them. So if you’re looking into buying this BB cream, I would just keep on strolling by Covergirl section and move onto something else. Seriously. I would post a “Before & After” picture of me using it…but its 11:00 PM and pitch dark where I’m at. I guess I could have posted this tomorrow…guess I didn’t think about that…oh well! Too late now.

See ya!



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