Truth Time

The title speaks the truth! (go figure)

I do not feel comfortable in my own skin. I mean I can hardly look at myself lately because I feel like I am gaining weight! Chris and I don’t go to the gym anymore because we’ve had so much going on the past couple months that it’s literally impossible to go. But it’s come to the point where I think I’m just going to force myself to take the time and just GO.

But my gym membership is almost up and I’m not sure if we can afford to renew it at the moment so I’ll have to do “at home” workouts (which I hate). I am not going running because I absolutely hate running. In gym class (both middle school and high school) I would be one of the very lasts to finish running. So that’s already out of the question.

It’s really getting me down lately because I’ve been seeing pictures of an old friend and she use to be….heavy set…but now! Now she looks great! She looks like she’s lost a ton of weight. Yet I am sitting on my butt watching Netflix and eating chips until the bag is empty.

OK I don’t want you all thinking I’m some super heavy person, because I know that I’m not. I weigh 130 pounds and growing. I was in dance classes and teams my whole school life so I never got over 115 pounds. So this is just a shock to me and disappointing. I need to change.

I just need the motivation.

See ya!


P.S. If you happen to own a Mini Cooper……let me know. I have a couple Facebook pages for you to meet other Mini Cooper owners! 🙂 (wow that was totally random…sorry bout that)


5 thoughts on “Truth Time

  1. Oh no! That’s not a good way to feel
    😦 even though I feel the same -gaining weight and such. And the motivation is key. But sometimes it can be a spiral roller coaster. You’ll have some up and down moments. That’s totally fine. But try not to get down on yourself. Or when you do, try to do an activity that makes you most happy. And when you are ready and on track again, it will be at your own pace! 🙂 you’re awesome!!


  2. The best advice I can give you is joining a team or sport or class to motivate you. I hate gyms and at home workouts because its not interactive. Another thing! I know you didn’t mean this in a rude manner but saying “oh since my friend lost weight she looks great” you’re probably thinking “l’ll look great if I lose some weight.” I’m sure you and your friend look amazing either way 🙂


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