Camp Away From Home

Hello all!

So this past weekend I was away at a women’s retreat with my church. Very lovely.I met a ton of new women and became good friend’s. I feel MUCH closer with my church and I feel like I can actually do things to help without feeling awkward.

DSC_0006 Here was my view as soon as I walked outside from my “hotel” room. (We stayed at a lodge so what am I suppose to call the room?)

DSC_0014 DSC_0015

 These 2 pictures were on the side of the lodge. So beautiful. It’s amazing what God’s creations can do. It was nice to get out and smell the fresh air other than the car fumes. It was nice to look up and see all the stars and shooting stars other than look up and see nothing because the street lights and everything else are blocking it. It was nice just sitting down with other women and get to know them and play board games other than sitting on a couch watching TV or playing on your phone (yes there was no TV, no wifi, no service)

On the way back I stopped at Forever 21 (one of my favorite stores) I picked up this gem


The “Ooh La La Palette”


The colors inside seem to be more of a calm tone. I’m not too crazy about the green shade (bottom right corner on right side) but everything else I think I can work with. I just need some ideas with combos and what to use. I’m obsessed with makeup lately and I just felt like I HAD to have this.

I’m thinking putting the light-ish purple (top right corner on left side) on my whole eye lid. Then take the color right below that (I think it’s more of a sparkly black) and put it on the outside corner of my lids and on the crease. (With a blending brush of course) I think once it’s blended together it could come out like some dramatic “smoky” look. Ya?

OK then…..what about the light tan (top right corner on right side) blended in with the pale (top left corner on left side) on the outer sides and crease? For a more “date night” or “work day” look?

Just throwing some ideas out there so I don’t look like I totally wasted my money…

See ya!



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