Hello Again!

I have a perfectly good reason as to why I haven’t been writing the last couple days. My computer is broken! šŸ˜„ Did anybody update to the Windows 8? If not, DON’T DO IT!!! It will ruin your computer. I updated and could not click or open up anything! Not even my document’s tab. It was weird. So I’m taking it to Geek Squad tonight to have them fix it and possibly look at a better computer.

So update time:

I had pictures I wanted to post to show you all the new sandals I bought and necklace (along with the outfit I wore it with) but I didn’t get to post them because that’s when I sadly found out that my computer was “broken”. Saturday I went to this thing called Race Wars. It’s located at an old airstrip in the middle of Washington and people canĀ legallyĀ race their cars. There was everything from imports to muscle cars. It was actually pretty cool. But also very hot! So I got a little sunburned that day.

Later that night I went to a demo derby! It was so awesome!The first time I’ve ever been to something like that. Cars were smashing into each other so hard the people inside would roll around. But then I was harrassed by security because I had on a band from Race Wars and they kept freaking out on me asking where I got it and who gave it to me. Then these 2 security guys kept hanging aroundĀ Chris and I and watching until a lady asked where I got it and I replied “it’s from an event from earlier today” and she nodded her head and looked up at the 2 guys and told them what I just said. I’m sorry but YOU couldn’t ask me yourself?! Chris got really mad about that (he also had the band on) and went up to the guy and said “you got it now?” So annoying and unprofessional. It’s not like I was drinking or anything I was sitting there watching! Idiots.

Sunday I did nothing but go to church and back home to do laundry and clean the apartment (yuck!) And now we are on Monday! As you know I applied for another job and it’s been about 2 and a half weeks since I’ve applied. I called on Friday and ended up leaving a voicemail asking if they’ve had a chance to review my resume and such. But so far, no call back. How long should I wait?? It’s killing me!

Hopefully I’ll have my computer back to normal tonight and I can go back to posting pictures and showing pointless stuff to you all šŸ™‚

See ya!



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