New Job?

On March 31st I applied for a job at the County. The closing date was on April 2nd (just 2 days after I applied)

So in case you don’t have a calendar near you, that was almost 2 weeks ago. I feel the need to check up on my application and see if the manager has had a chance to review it. But not sure what to say. I mean I can’t just be like “hey what’s up. Have you had a chance to look over my resume and have you decided to call me back yet??”

No that won’t work.

So what should I say? I’m thinking of calling tomorrow and maybe I’ll just spit out whatever comes to mind.

On a different note! Nothing exciting happened to me at all today. Literally all I did was just drive around and pick up documents for people at my work and go to the auditor’s off to record some stuff. Seriously how boring is that!?

Today I also realized that in 2 months it’ll be 2 years since I graduated high school. I also realized that I am just about to be turning 20 years old while all my friends are turning 21…Oh well. Someday I’ll be glad I’m the youngest in the bunch.

Goodnight everyone! (Or good morning, good evening..wherever you are in this world!)



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