Lemonade With Lemon

That title has nothing to do with what I’m about to type here…it’s just what I’m drinking at the moment.

So it’s 9:23 p.m where I’m at and it just occurred to me that since I started this blog I said “I’ll put up some of my pictures!” Ya right Ky…..you have only put up one and that was of Cooper. Well guess what!! Here’s another:

Chris Car4

This is Chris’ car I took while he was washing it (obviously. I have no clue why I just told you that because you can see in plain sight what he’s doing) I think I took this a couple days after I got my new camera and I took about 15 shots before I finally got this. I remember I told him to soap it up then when he was rinsing it off to start at the top so all the soap runs down to look like this ^^

Lets see if I can find another one…oh yes! Here’s a good one:

DSC_0131 These are my 2 dogs “fighting it out” as Chris says. This isn’t so much photography but I think it’s pretty funny. They always fight over a toy and end up doing this. (Cooper is the white fluff ball and Zoey is the white and brown one)

Ok I promise I will start posting my photos more! (I will even pinky promise you) Hope everybody has a good night 🙂

See ya!



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