Bringing Back the 90’s

Hey all!

So I’ve been thinking for the past year and a half (no lie) that I want a denim vest! Girls, you know that’s kind of the “in” thing lately. Well I’ve been shopping around for one but their all just so expensive! Like there’s this one I found for $49.99! Are you serious? Hell no.

I then started watching Friends on Netflix and as you know it was made in the 90’s to early 2000’s (1994-2004) and so denim was the ‘in thing’ back then. Well Rachel always wears a denim vest:

Rachel GreenSee!! So of course after watching a couple episodes of that I finally had enough and decided that I would find myself a denim vest no matter what! So I just went on Google and started my search. And here’s what I find:

Denim Vest Only for $19!! ON SALE! Ok not this exact vest but it is like this but a bit lighter and on sale. (Originally $39.99) So of course I had to buy it. It should be here on Thursday and I am SO excited.

Is it sad that I am getting excited over something from the 90’s? No? OK good.

See ya!



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