Desk Help

I did not write at all this weekend.

Last you heard out of me I was deciding to start a mini business of Scrabble tile “art”. Just something fun to do. Well so far (of only posting for 24 hours) I have 3 customers! So that’s pretty good right? What else?

Oh ya my legs still hurt so very badly. It’s not even funny. I can hardly walk like a normal girl. But yet Chris thinks it’s funny because he keeps grabbing them and squeezing and laughing…while I whine (and kind of laugh at the same time…but mostly whine). But he was a good sport last night and rubbed them to help me relax.

Oh I have a question for you. PLEASE HELP ME! I am finally getting my old desk from my mother’s house and moving it into the apartment. Where I’ll put my laptop on it and kind of make that space for my (hopefully) growing business. So far I have: pens/pencils, padded envelopes (to mail my finished products), sheet protectors, notepads, a little black box to keep other misc. stuff in and some tape. (Give me a break it’s the only stuff I could find just laying around)

Is there anything else I am missing to have on/in a desk?? I feel like there is and just want to be prepared.

Have you heard of Well it’s so awesome! It’s this online shopping place but instead of factory made it’s handmade stuff. Really cool actually. Just search for anything at all and it’ll pop up! Anyways, I am thinking of starting my own store on that website…if I do I will make sure to post a link to it so you guys could (pretty please) check it out.

That’s about it for now, I need to go so I can wash my MINI Cooper (I consider it my baby..yes I’m one of those people) because it randomly rained on Saturday and made my poor car all dirty.

See ya!



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