New Project! And Then Some

Hello All –

What a busy freaking day it has been. And let me be the first to say that it was not a good time for my legs. I’m sitting on the couch right now with my legs dangling and they are throbbing and crying out “We hate leg day!!” Yesterday at the gym sucked because of leg day and today I am paying for it in soreness. People around me probably think I’m drunk because of the way I’ve been walking…

So I went antique shopping with my mom today and found some really cool things. A glass strainer that can be used for washing fruits and small stuff like that. A little tiny bowl you can put peanuts in or any other snack, some more little clear glass bowls and 22 Scrabble tile racks and a couple Scrabble tiles. Which brings me to my newest decision/project..

Drum roll please!

I am going to start making those awesome little Scrabble messages! Have you seen them before? Go Pinterest it right now. Scrabble crafts. There’s like a million things you can do with it! I posted on my Facebook about making them and for anybody to get a hold of me if they are interested. So far I have 1 potential customer! It’s so exciting. I think it’ll be a good hobby.

I mean if any of you are interested in it then please let me know also! I would be happy to make you one πŸ™‚ I can make them on the racks, put them in a frame, anything really.

I have a Pomeranian, Cooper, who I swear is a mama’s boy! He always has to be near me and lay on me, sleep with me, give me kisses..everything. And right now he is jumping all over me while I’m trying to type this and his cuteness is making it hard for me to push him away and tell him “no!” Here’s a picture of my baby boy:

:Β Cooper EDIT

Which reminds me..I told you I would start posting my pictures up for you to see…I need to remember to do that! Stupid memory..

See ya!



3 thoughts on “New Project! And Then Some

  1. Leg day and antique shopping, sounds wonderful! I feel you though, I had my leg day yesterday and my knee caps are even sore today. How does that happen?! Lol! Your dog is super cute. Great picture.


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