Bettering Myself

I had a burst of motivation yesterday and it continued over to today!

I made the decision to really push myself at the gym and don’t take “I can’t do it” for an answer. (Chris if your reading this then I know your thinking ‘But you did say you couldn’t do it’) Ya ya ya I know…for some reason I can’t hold a weight and bring my arms up while keeping them straight. It’s impossible for me. But give me some slack because I tried and succeeded! (Even though it was suppose to be a shoulder workout and I felt it in my arms)

Anyways! So I have been doing 100 inverted sit ups everyday at the end of a workout and 100 on this machine that you twist yourself around and it helps you get rid of that lovely muffin top/love handles (whatever you call it) and I must say, I can begin to see a difference! I am making the effort to stay in shape and better my health. Along with eating the right foods and completely kicking soda out of my life. Only water (with lemon!) for me from now on.

Chris likes to go until muscle failure sometimes at the gym which really sucks because when you really can’t bring that weight back up to you, or you can’t push the bar back up any longer, you still have to take a big breath and push! Then you can quit. I hate going until muscle failure because then I have no energy for the next part of the workout and want to get in my MINI Cooper and go home. But my trainer (hi babe!) says to keep going.

I am determined to walk out of the gym everyday from now on with sweat coming through my shirt and on my head and saying to myself “that was a really good workout. I did my absolute best”

See ya!


P.S. I got the “nook GlowLight” last night and let me just say, if your a constant reader like me, GET THE NOOK! It saves you so much money. A regular book can be $12.00 but on the nook you get it for $4.99! It pays itself off in the end. Plus it’s really light and can hold up to 2,000 books.


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