The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 2 & 3!

Here I am again starting a challenge that I (yet again!) didn’t keep up with. I only did 1 day! So I’m catching up…

Day 2 – A photo that means something to me

Lincoln City
Lincoln City

The beach! It’s so very important to me. It’s my “go-to” place. The place my mother and I use to go to every year for school shopping or just for our yearly get away. It’s very relaxing and calms me. I could sit in the sand all day and watch the waves. I could look for hours for agates hiding.

Now it’s even more of a special place because Chris & I went to Lincoln City in December for a trip to get away from the city and catch a break. Our 2nd day in and he took me on the beach, as we were walking along side the water and running away from the waves I noticed his show laces were sorta sticking out and getting dirty. I mentioned that he should really tuck them in. It was the perfect set up in my opinion. That’s when he got down on one knee, fixed his laces and when I turned back around he was holding a ring. “I know how important this place is to you” he started out. Then went on explaining how much he loves me and wants to spend forever with me.

The beach is my place. It has a part of my soul and I wish I could live there.

Day 3 – Another blog!

Say something nice about another blog. Well I chose to mention TheGirlWithTheIrn-bru truely good blogger! She blogs about what’s going on in her life and even does a “Song of the Day!” post everyday (which I look forward too)

She’s down to earth and I’m so glad I follow this blog. You should really head on over there and check it out. She’s a beautiful person inside and out (from reading her latest post I would really like to stress that)

If you haven’t heard about the Daydreamer Challenge go check it out and join the fun!

See ya!



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