Lost in a Blog

I’ve spent some time now reading this blog that is very sad. I can literally feel my heart breaking every time I read this blog. The way she types and explains her emotions. It would tear anybody apart. She describes her feelings as if she’s the only one going to be reading the entry’s.

She is going through a hard time with her boyfriend for about a year. She told him she loved him but in return he didn’t love her. They broke up and eventually when their paths crossed a few days later, she talked him into going on a 2 month break because she just can’t seem to lose him from her life. So this is her everyday entry’s on her progress and what she feels at the time of writing. Every day this site, wordpress, seems to comfort her and give her a place to talk, to get her feelings and thoughts out there to anybody who will read. I have never gone through the pain she is feeling and I pray that I never will.

If you have somebody special in your life right now that you don’t ever want to see walk away then really appreciate them. Tell them that they matter to you everyday. Tell them how much you love and care about them. It’s not that hard people! I need to do it to Chris. I feel like I don’t tell him enough how important he is to me.

Alright well then, I don’t want to be a sad person all night so onto a different note! Tonight (after the gym) I am going to see Fast 7. That’s right! I’m finally going to see it after a week of being out. Everybody and their dog I swear has seen it already and I’m trying not to listen or read what people say about it so I don’t have an spoiler alerts. I’ll report back later!

See ya!



3 thoughts on “Lost in a Blog

  1. Hey Ky,

    At first, I read what you wrote and I felt a little offended by the line “to anybody who will read”. And then I thought about it. And I guess I like the thought of having anybody read my feelings on here. Anonymous as it is, it feels good to express the way I feel. It’s like the equivalent of screaming until you feel better. And after you say what you want to say, you feel a little lighter and a little freer.

    Thanks for reading my blog 🙂


    1. Oh my gosh I didn’t mean to offend you at all. I feel bad now! I meant for that to come out like “to your followers” Oops! I will start really thinking more before I type it out. My apologies.


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