The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 1

So I’m taking part in this Daydreamer Challenge everybody seems to be doing. We’ll see how this goes 🙂

The first day is about nature and the beauty of it (that’s what I got from all the wonderful pictures) I think it’s a really good thing to take in. I mean I don’t think we appreciate it as much as we should.

The grass is finally turning green again, the sky is blue, the air is warmer than last week. I am finally starting to get out and get some pictures taken (finally). We’ll see where this all leads.

Just take a moment to sit outside and really enjoy what is around you. Breathe it in, I’m not saying “hey do some yoga outside while you’re at it!” No way, I’ve tried that and it’s a little difficult if you’ve never done it before.

Go over to and read about the challenge and maybe even get started with it yourself, it’s a good way to read other blogs, make some new friends and really put it out there and let people know what comes to mind when seeing the daily photos that are posted.

See ya!


P.S. I think later when I’m back from the gym I’ll post one of my photos up. Just to see what you all think, and if I should continue posting them or not.


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