Monday is NOT Funday

It’s that wonderful day of the week again. The one where we all have to literally drag ourselves out of bed and drive to work and count down the hours until we get to go home. As of right now, I currently have 2 and a half hours until I’m off!

I spent most of the night yesterday reading about a jillion blogs and following them. Laughing at some and thinking “that’s so sad to read” on others.  I’m hoping to go home when I get off to read some more before I head to the gym.

Ah the gym…a place sometimes I don’t want to go but yet when I finish my workout and walk out those front doors sweaty and nasty, I feel so much better. Ya I know I’m a little late on the “summer body” workout deal but hey! At least I’m doing it.

What else…..? Oh yes. College.

Spring quarter started today. kill me now. Yet why am I complaining? I’m taking 1 course and it’s online so why is that so bad? I have no motivation that’s why it’s bad. The first day of class and I’m already saying “Nope. Not doing the work” I checked my canvas this morning (canvas is my college’s website that student’s log into to see what their grades are, what homework is due and any announcements that the prof. has) and I have a freaking quiz!

Swear to god my mouth dropped. It’s the first day of class! What the hell is going on here. Why must we already have a quiz. I don’t get it. But then again this is my 3rd time taking this math class (oops) so I should already have every answer and formula memorized right? NOPE! But as they say, 3rd times the charm!…..crossing my fingers with that saying.

Sadly my lunch hour is over and I must return to filing papers away and answering phone calls for City Hall.

See ya!



5 thoughts on “Monday is NOT Funday

  1. You can do it! School always sucked for me. I was always panicking about whether I was actually learning anything useful, if I was gaining enough experience, etc… Ended up not meaning anything in the end since I graduated in 2009 when everything was in the pits!!

    My husband is an engineer for Canvas, it’s a great app… one of the only companies out there that actively work for their audience and do no harm. Let me know if you want to see any features, I’ll pass it along!


    1. Thank you for the kind words! 🙂 I’m actually going to try and study and pass this class with flying colors. Canvas is amazing and very helpful, tell your husband they are doing a fantastic job!


  2. Mondays suck. But I just have to look at them as a stepping stone to Tuesday, plus, Mondays are better than Sundays for me, I work all day Sunday and then go to school Monday… I’d take school over work any day aha 🙂 But I know you can pass your maths class! A good trick to get motivated is to tell yourself “I’m only going to do work for five minutes” and if after five minutes you want to stop, then stop, but most times you’ll be so into it that you’ll just keep going. 🙂 I believe in you!


  3. I had a friend who hated math too! but before every test she would tell herself that “today I’m not going to fail”, and she would surprisingly do well in the tests 🙂 I guess it just takes a little confidence 🙂


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